So, first of all, you’re probably wondering. How is this even possible? Is this for real?

We’re happy to inform you that YES, this is real!

So, you’re still wondering, “How does this work?”

“Can you really just give stuff away for free… ??”

Lucky for all of us, companies can! They give away free product to help market their brands!

Read on below to get a feel for how it all works.

Cheap Marketing for Brands

Manufacturers and brands all over the world are constantly looking to raise awareness about their products. To do so, often times they’ll give away a bunch of freebies!

Raises Awareness!

It helps get the word out and allows people the chance to review their offerings and get a feel for what they bring to the market.

Scouring the Web for the Best Freebies

Collecting freebies from around the web can be a full-time job, so we’ve done the work for you and gathered all the best freebies we’ve found on the net into one central source:

Joining the Freebies community

By Joining the site, you’re staying up to date with the most recent freebies being announced.

How to Redeem Your Own Freebies

To redeem freebies, you just browse for deals that look good, then check the link included in the article listed under the “How to Redeem” section and follow the steps on the offer site.

Most all of the freebies are such offers and you must fill out the forms and make sure you meet eligibility for each of the offers and their specific terms.